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RAINBOW PIRATES is arrrrrrrrrrg'uably the best carrrrrrd game everrrrrrrrr!


Learn better by watching?  Watch the “How to Play Rainbow Pirates” video and also the "Sample Game" video!

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Are you into card games, magical rainbows AND dastardly pirates?!?! Then click that button!



Check out these Frequently Asked Questions about Rainbow Pirates!

Missing your Rainbow Pirates Instructions Sheet? Here's a convenient way to view and download the written instructions!




"Great game! Fun for our whole family! We absolutely loved playing Rainbow Pirates as a family. We are always looking for games we can play that will engage our youngest kids without boring our older kids or us. This game fits the ticket. Easy to learn, fun to play. The artwork is beautiful and the game itself is hilarious and fun. Rare to find such a quality game at such a great price point."

"Obsessed with the colors and design. Great game, highly recommend! Instantly fell in love with the colors and fun designs and fonts, even the box feels cool! This game is so easy to learn and has a variety of strategies to consider during gameplay. They have an amazing print out of instructions as well as a video tutorial that lays everything out. Highly recommend it!"

"My kids new favorite card game!!    I bought this card game for our game night. It was a huge hit, especially with the younger kids. 

The cards are great quality and easy to identify. The instructions are easy to follow. We have had many hours of enjoyment out of this pirate game. If you are looking for a fun family card game, look no further."

Christopher, Amazon review

Kelsey, Amazon review

Rich, Amazon review

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