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Women playing a game of Rainbow Pirates
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~ Sweet Bros Games creates board games & card games the whole family will love ~

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Rainbow Pirates

Rainbow Pirates is a whimsical card game that allows you to build rummy-like card sequences & sets in a world of RAINBOWS, thieving PIRATES and all things AMAZING!

Cat Ladies of Maple St.

Cat Ladies of Maple Street is a deck-building card game that allows you to play as one of four quirky cat ladies competing to adopt the most CATS!!

Magic Dragons

Magic Dragons is a fast-paced stack collecting card game, with bids, spells, and most of all... DRAGONS!!

New Games!

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Zombie Chickens

Prepare for the Bok-Bok-Alypse!

Zombie Chickens is an exciting card game that puts you in the boots of a farmer fighting nightly waves of zombified chickens!

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Spank the Pig!

Guaranteed to make you laugh!

Spank the Pig is a hilariously fast paced card game that tests your quick thinking (and spanking) skills!

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