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Spank the Pig is a hilariously fast paced card game that tests your quick thinking (and spanking) skills! Your family and friends are guaranteed to laugh while playing! Who knew that shouting and spanking pigs could be so much fun?


Whether you're looking for a quick and fun family game, or an outrageously popular party game, Spank the Pig will quickly become one of your favorites. The rules are simple, making it easy for players to catch on quickly so the fun starts right away. It's one of those easy card games for 2-7 players that belongs in every home. Containing 72 whimsically designed cards, the packaging is conveniently sized as a travel card game for play at home or on the go. Spank the Pig is a multiplayer, slap card game that's designed to keep players laughing and coming back for more.


  • SIMPLE AND HILARIOUS - Who knew that shouting and spanking pigs could be so much fun? It's the perfect party game to play with friends or family on your next game night.


  • POPULAR WITH ALL AGES - Simple enough for kids, wild enough for teens, hilarious fun for all! Guaranteed to get your family and friends laughing out loud! (Recommended for everyone age 6 and up)


  • FAST PACED GAME THAT'S EASY TO LEARN YET HILARIOUSLY CHALLENGING TO PLAY - Cleverly created characters designed to trick your eye, so look closely before shouting or spanking or you'll make a mistake and receive a Whammy!


  • PLAY IT ANYTIME, ANYWHERE - Spank the Pig is a popular travel game that's conveniently sized so you can easily take it on the go!


  • QUALITY CARDS, BUILT TO LAST - Spank the Pig includes 72 playing cards made with high quality 300 gsm black core card stock to handle countless rounds of shouting and pig spanking!

Spank the Pig!

$14.99 Regular Price
$9.99Sale Price
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