rainbow pirates Faqs

General Questions

Where can I buy Rainbow Pirates?

You can buy Rainbow Pirates right here on rainbowpiratesgame.com or Amazon (don't forget to give us a review!)

What do I do if my game is damaged or something is missing?

Contact us right away and we'll make it right!!! We understand unhappy pirates and know how to make them happy again!

I don't understand the written instructions. Is there another way to learn?

YES! Watch our “How to Play Rainbow Pirates” video and even our “Sample Game” video right here.

Questions about Gameplay

Can I begin my turn by playing a black card?

Absolutely! During your turn, you are able to perform 3 different actions (Placing Cards on your Island, Rearranging Cards, and Playing Black Cards) in WHATEVER ORDER YOU CHOOSE! So you can start with any action you'd like!

If I have a WILD Card in my hand, do I have to play it?

No way! If you don't want to place a WILD card, you don't have to. You just hang on to that WILD and use it whenever your heart tells you to!

Can I move a WILD Card that's on my island to a different spot later?

YES! You can rearrange any of the cards on your island at any point during the game (but only during your turn, of course!)

If I have a numbered color card in my hand that I can technically place on my island if I rearrange some things, do I have to do that?

Nope! You are never required to place any card on your island if that would require you to rearrange cards that are already there (But you CAN! If you want to. But you don’t have to.)

If I rearrange some cards on my island and am left with an incomplete card group, what do I do?

Just move the incomplete card group back into your hand!

If my opponent steals or blows up one of my cards and therefore leaves an incomplete card group on my island, what do I do?

Just move the incomplete card group back into your hand! Do that immediately. (You do not wait until your turn to put them back into your hand)

When ending my turn, can I draw one card from the draw pile and one card from the face up cards?

Nopedy-Nope-Nope-Nope! You need to choose EITHER the 2 Face-Up Cards OR the top 2 cards in the Draw Pile, but NOT one of each! (but remember, pirates are natural rebels...so if you want to do things differently, just create your own house rules! They're really just guidelines anyway.)

Blocking Black Cards

Can I use a WILD Card to block a Pirate attack?

No way! Pirates are very particular! The only way to block a pirate attack is by giving them the exact thing they want by placing THEIR matching color card on top of them in the Discard Pile.

If I’m playing a 4-player game & someone plays a Captain, Ship, or Elixir of Life, do all other opponents need to play their matching color card in order to block the Black Card’s action?

Nope! That would be overkill, don’t you think? Only 1 Color Card is required to block a Black Card’s action.

Can I block a Black Card’s action with a card that’s on my island?

Nice try, but no. You can only block Black Card Actions with cards from your HAND.

Ending the Game & Winning

If I play all the cards in my hand, is that considered “Going Out”?

If, and only IF you have at least 2 full Rainbows on your island at that time. Otherwise, you would simply draw 2 cards as usual and the game continues.

If someone goes out, can the other players still play the cards in their hand?

No to the no. If someone goes out, the game ends IMMEDIATELY! However, if the game ends by running out of Draw Cards (both the Draw Pile AND the 2 Face-Up Cards are gone) then each player gets to place any cards they can from their hand onto their island. This includes placing Black Cards on your island (in groups of 3+ of course!) but you cannot play them as pirate actions!

I went out, but my opponent still has more points than I do! Do I still win?

That’s rough. And no. You do not. If you go out, then you are awarded 5 Bonus Treasure Points (hooray!) but if your opponent still has more total points then they are crowned Winner (sorry, loser!)

What if the score is tied at the end of the game?

If two or more players tie for the win at the end of the game, the player with the most Rainbow Pirates on their island is the winner! Although rare, if there is a tie at the end of the game both in points AND in the number of Rainbow Pirates on your island, then the winner is the player with the most color cards on their island! Although rarerest than all the rare things in the universe, if there is a tie at the end of the game in points, number of Rainbow Pirates, AND number of color cards on your island, then time will stop and the universe will implode into nothingness. (So if you like living, try not to let it happen)

Shipping & Returns

How long will it take to receive my item?

Once you place an order, the shipping time varies based on your shipping address and the shipping method used. In most cases, we ship via USPS Priority Mail. Often your item will arrive within 2-4 days. If you have any questions about your order, simply contact us.

Can I change the shipping address after I place an order?

We ship all orders as quickly as possible. Therefore it is often too late to change a shipping address after an order has been placed. However, we will always work hard to do the best we can to help you. Therefore, if you wish to correct or change a shipping address please contact us immediately and we'll see what we can do.

What is your Return Policy?

We take pride in offering high quality products and hope you’ll enjoy everything you purchase through our site. If, however, you wish to return something you bought, you can do so within 30 days of the purchase date as long as the product is unused and in the exact same condition that you received it (including packaging, printed sheets, and accessories).

Are shipping charges refundable?

Shipping charges are non-refundable.